Monday, December 08, 2014

Rote Ideas

I'm wanting to compile some rotes for my character in the Mage game I'm going to be playing a character who was initially scouted by the syndicate, however while he works well in their paradigm he's completely against their goals.  He is also a student of kabbalah.  Do I am going to try to combined those paradigms in some of theses rotes.
Gematria (entropy 2 mind 1): This rote makes use of standard gematria techniques and abuses some of the correspondence that has been built into consensus.  The mage collects news from a number of seemingly random sources.  They can attempt to gather news that is obviously related, but it really doesn't help.  The mage then reads through all the news or watches several news feeds at once.  This is where the mind comes into effect.  By increasing their own mental capabilities they can process multiple feeds of information at once.  They then begin to draw connections between the information.  This comes in very useful while making stock decisions, investigating organized crime or corporate crime, and when trying to figure out the political layout of a new city or other structure.

Deconstruct Organization (Entropy 3 Mind 2): This is the flip side of Gematria.  Here the Mage uses the information to reorganize an organizations fortune.  This is commonly used during elections and as a way to tilt the stock market.  In order to use this rote the mage must either have access to the organization or must also use correspondence level 3 as well.  That access can be via the internet, but depending on the organization that may or may not work.  It is a common practice to use Gematria and then to attend a high end fund raiser to spread this power through a night of drinking and gossiping.  This can also take a somewhat more subversive form and a mage can use an intermediary organization to get the job done.  This power was behind a lot of what happened with Occupy.  While they weren't part of the government they experienced a lot of "good luck" when it came to the right messages making it into the political conversation.  That was no coincidence, though it was coincidental.  (If the individuals you're working with speak a different language than you do Mind 3 may be necessary for this rote)

Share Gematric Connections (Mind 2 Entropy 2):  This is about distracting the mind of those who do not understand the meaning of meaningless connection.  While someone is attempting to concentrate on something else (commonly combat but anything really) the mage sends Gematric associations to everything around them and everything that's happening.  This is a situation where intelligence is a disadvantage.  For truly intelligent individuals their own ability to create mental connections and associations increase the distracting effects of this power.  The targets own intelligence continues the associations after the initial effect.  The effect will stay in place each turn that the mage maintains contact with the target.  When the mage initiates contact the target rolls intelligence difficulty (8??? or whatever the ST feels is appropriate) And each success causes the effect to continue for one turn past where the mage maintains contact.  This result should not be shared with the Mage.  If the target botches then the botches subtract successes from the mage's roll.  This is specifically not using Entropy 4 where you control randomness within a mind pattern itself.  This is just using entropy to more efficiently build a distracting message and then using Mind to transmit it into a target's mind.  As a result this has a much less dramatic impact than Entropy 5 effects.  The distraction increases the difficulty of any actions taken while the effect persists by the number of successes the mage recieved.  So if the Mage uses this effect and rolls 2 5s, but the target's mind isn't powerful enough to really latch onto the data then all rolls on their next turn would be at +2.  If they were  brilliant and their mind started making associations on it's own then their difficulty might be at +2 for a couple rounds.  At the end of the day this is just a very fancy distraction technique.

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